• 2019

Community forest rights: What are the conditions for success?

When working on community forest rights, we need to look beyond the formalization of these rights and also work on the enabling environment that allows the community to benefit from their forest resources. This was the key message of a session titled “Community forest rights: What are the key conditions for success?”, organized by Tropenbos International and ClientEarth, during the 2019 LANDac Conference in Utrecht. During the session three speakers, Lucia Gbala, Partner at Heritage Partners & Associates (HPA), Freddie …
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/ Climate Change, Forestry

Women’s Training in Liberia

“If there is a meeting in the community and you see only men discussing the forest, you make sure that women join in to raise their own ideas on how we all use the forest.” That’s how one participant of a forest governance training workshop for Liberian women summed up the empowering nature of community forestry laws. Julie Weah, Executive Director of the Foundation for Community Initiatives (FCI), and leader of the training agrees: “That’s right,” Julie says, “The men …
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/ Land Reform